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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mine on... Wednesdays!!! Alaska Photographer

I have been so busy the past few days I neglected to post on Monday! Waah! I have not forgotten altogether though! Yummmmmy cherry pie I made last night, just because!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Alaska Children's Portraits {Cousins!}

A little bit ago my lovely niece came over for a visit. It was a nice day and we could all use some fresh air so outside we went! They hammed it up for the camera for a few minutes... when I asked Wyatt to smile he put his hands up and said it was too sunny... he is so dramatic about photos! haha

Anchorage, AK Photographer {Custom Print Boxes}

I am loving my new custom print boxes. Their quality is fantastic and I love having unique new items to display photos! I love the simplicity of this one... he is such a sweetie and in a few weeks I get to meet up with him again for his 6 month portraits!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Date night! {Alaska Portrait Photographer}

Yay for date nights! Hubby and I ran off and went to dinner and then to a movie at the new Tikahtnu Theater! That place is very nice! I am excited for many more date nights there :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Custom Photo Books {Alaska Portrait Photography}

I recently made a photobook for a past client and I absolutely love the way it turned out! the pages are colorful and the linen texture finish pulls it all together. This book is a 10x10 hardcover suede album with full bleeds on all pages. The perfect way to display your images!

Sweetie brother and sister {Alaska child photographer}

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family a couple of weeks ago! I already knew Gunnar from a previous session and it was nice to see him again... he sure has grown! Miss M was celebrating her 2nd birthday so we took some great shots to capture the occasion! I can never pick my favorites... it's too hard!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My little apple {Alaska child portraits}

Let me preface by saying "Mom, this post is for you. I know you are reading and I thought you would like A's outfit hahaha!"

Second, I think I have a thing for red apples. Here is Aubrey one year ago in her cute little knit apple hat. This was my favorite photo of her for a loooong time! And now she is so big... stomping all around and actually has a bit of hair for some clippies!

Love her...

Mine on Mondays {Alaska Photographer}

It seems like lately my focus has been drawn to capturing the little things in my day to day life. At my office we have these two pepper plants right next to my desk. We aren't exactly sure what kind of peppers they are, only that they are not spicy. My dad always picks them as soon as he sees them and so this one we have decided to let it grooooow and see what happens! Any takers on what kind of pepper?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new hat! {Anchorage, AK baby photographer}

I made this cute little plum hat for my friend's baby last week! I loved it so much I made another for my arsenal of baby hats. You also get to see it in action since I took a few photos of the new baby this past weekend!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mine on Mondays {Anchorage Family Photographer}

Before Luke headed back to work, we took the kidlets to Kincaid for a bit to play. It was such a nice day out which made for a lot of fun... but not the best photos since everyone is squinting haha! Luke mentioned that he had been taking the kids there a lot while I am at work which I thought was sweet, getting in their daddy time! When I was taking this first photo, I thought "Aww Aubrey is picking some little dandelion flowers how girly" and then she proceeded to immediately rip them to shreds and discard the empty little bud. She is Luke's child... not mine. Hahaha!

P.S: I think Luke needs another lecture on including me in some photos sometimes! I haven't been in any in AGES. The kids are going to grow up and wonder where the heck I was!