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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I did it AGAIN! {Alaska Photographer}

Neglected my Monday posting duties, that is! Booo! In honor of her photo lovin mama... here is my little miss. Not even two and she is already obsessed with photos of her family. I even made her a little album that is HERS and she can take anywhere she wants. It's filled mostly with photos of her daddy... she is 1000% smitten with him and her wee little heart breaks every time he leaves. (picture her head in her hands, hunched over sobbing "daddeeeeeee, my dadddeeeeeeee.") Heartwrenching, especially for Luke. But the bright side is the elation and pure wide eyed excitement every time we pull into the airport parking and she sees his tall figure lumbering towards us, the sobs turn to a big gasp and then "MY DADDDDEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" hahaha

PS: If you can tell, those are newborn photos of Wyatt she is looking at!

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