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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend at the cabin!

Wyatt was talking about our upcoming weekend at the cabin for weeeeks! He was most excited to go sledding :) So we spent a nice weekend off in the woods and had a great time. The kids spent 99% of their time in the snow and then we drove into Talkeetna (25 miles away!) just for Mountain High pizza... yummm!

Aren't you loving Aubrey's frizz head in all of these? So unruly! No wonder Wyatt's reasoning for cutting it a couple of months ago was "but it was messy and I was cleaning it!" Ahhhh....

The weather was fantastic!!! VERY sunny out!
...When daddy says no more snowmachining.

Mega cheese!
The hubs!

Quick cat nap....
Such a pretty little lady!
Peeking off the deck


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