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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kaile Meyers Photography DISPLAY IT Giveaway!

My favorite way to decorate my home has always been to find creative and fun ways to display our family photos, something that really makes an impact when you see it. I'm always trying to convince my friends and family to get those photos up on the wall and make them BIG! So many times (and I am certainly guilty of this!) our photos just end up stored in a folder on our computer, out of sight and mind. That makes me sad because the best way to enjoy the memories that go along with those photos is to see them - what better way to make you smile each time you pass by!

Displaying photos really personalizes your home and makes it all about you and your family so this is where my giveaway begins!

The details:I want to see how YOU display your family's photos! These can be any family photos, they do not have to be images that I created or professionally shot at all- they can be snapshots or any images that feel special to you! What I would like you to do is take a picture of your wall display and email it to me at along with a brief description of why you love that photo or series of photos. (This last part is optional, but it would make me happy to read it!) Please make sure your name and email address is visible in your message to me.

I will be gathering submissions until Wednesday, January 25th. Then I will compile a post on my blog with each submission. You can submit more than one photo if you'd like, but please try to limit it to three max. Regardless of the number of images, each person will have one entry including all images they sent.

That's it! I switched things up a bit so that we don't have to wait as long for a winner - after I've published the entries I will use to choose a winner! If you are the winner, please respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen, thanks!

What will you win? One winner will receive a 10x13 frame from The Organic Bloom These frames are beautiful! Each frame is custom made so you will be able to choose your frame style and color. If you are local, we will meet so that you can view the catalog of available styles and color swatches. The winner will also receive a $50 credit for anything you would like from Kaile Meyers Photography! You can apply it to a session fee, or an order on a past or future session!

Anybody can enter, you do not need to be in the Anchorage area! The frame can be shipped to any winner within the US, however the credit is only available to local clients :)

Phew, is that enough info??? Please send me an email or contact me on Facebook if you have any questions, but in the mean time here are some photos of the displays that I currently have in my own home! You will notice that I have numerous Organic Bloom frames in my home - they really are beautiful! Have fun and enjoy! I am excited to see everyone's displays!!!

Living room wall. Two smaller frames have a 12x18 opening, the large frame is 18x24.

Master bedroom. 20x30 frame.

Dining room area. 11x14 and 8x10

24x32 canvas wrap above the dining table.

My son's room. 18x24 canvas wrap.

11x14 canvas wrap

My daughter's room. Waiting on the print, but it is a 10x13 frame.

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